Emergency Management


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Our Experts in Emergency Management are here to serve you.
Prepare for emergencies in our area by learning about local shelters, recovery programs, and volunteer opportunities.
Officer T.F. Smoak has been designated as our Emergency Management Coordinator. Officer Smoak has over 20 years of experience in Disaster Preparedness Response, and Planning.  He is a FEMA Trained Strike Team leader for multiple mission specialties; and a paid staff member for the State of Florida Department of Emergency Management.  He is able to respond to anywhere  when called upon.  Officer T Smoak also holds a seat on the Local Emergency Planning Council.

His expertise in Communications, makes him an invaluable asset to the community.  When necessary, Officer Smoak can arrive at the scene of an emergency, plane crash, storm, or other disaster; and reestablish communications with a specially designed command trailer.  His role within our beach communities is to obtain appropriate resources from all Government levels.  In addition, Officer T Smoak has been deployed on multiple incidents, to include Katrina; while he worked as a Deputy Sheriff in North Florida.  Officer T Smoak has also served in roles as a Paramedic and Firefighter; and is a published author in the communications field.

Pictures of Katrina Damage provided by Ofc T Smoak from his response in 2005