Gulf Boulevard Drainage Project

Project Description

Construction work on Gulf Boulevard to relieve flooding of the roadway and pedestrian pathways along three mile segment of State Route 699 (Gulf Boulevard) from Park Boulevard to Walsingham Road. 

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Project Status

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Project Status

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) contractor is providing some cost-savings initiatives that will move the Gulf Boulevard Drainage Project start date out a minimum of three months.

This Gulf Boulevard Drainage Project is designed to help alleviate the flooding along Gulf Boulevard after it rains. Gulf Boulevard is a State Road and is owned and maintained by the FDOT.

Sidewalks in FDOT right-of-way from 191st - 195th Avenues have been added to the project.

Adding a crosswalk at 199th has been included because it lies within the boundaries of the project scope.

FDOT is looking into the possibility of a separate project for the crosswalk at 186th.

This drainage project is somewhat of a band-aid or stop-gap measure. The Town will be making a presentation at the May 8 meeting of Forward Pinellas to request to put the "complete renovation" project of sidewalks, curbing and drainage on their priority list for funding.