The Town of Indian Shores is soliciting sealed proposals for the construction of the Monument Project located at Tiki Gardens, 19601 Gulf Boulevard, Indian Shores, Florida 33785.  The sealed proposals labeled “Invitation to Negotiate - Monument Project at Tiki Gardens” will be received by the Town Clerk, Freddie Lozano, at the Town Hall located at 19305 Gulf Boulevard, 3rd Floor, Indian Shores, Florida 33785, no later than Friday, July 16, 2021, 11:00 A.M. when all proposals will be publicly opened and read aloud immediately thereafter in the 4th Floor Community Center of Town Hall.

Questions about the Evaluation Criteria or the project should be submitted to the Town Clerk by email at, or hand delivered to 19305 Gulf Boulevard, 3rd Floor, Indian Shores, FL 33785, Attention Town Clerk.  Answers to any questions and addendums shall be published on the Town’s website at  All interested parties should make their intentions to submit a proposal known to the Town Clerk by email or telephone (727-595-4020).

All prospective respondents are hereby cautioned not to contact any member of the Town of Indian Shores Town Council, Town Staff, or Officials other than the specified contact person concerning this project.  

Monument Project “Invitation to Negotiate” Submittal Evaluation Criteria

Invitation to Negotiate 

Submitted proposals will be evaluated and scored by committee per the criteria outlined herein. As part of the evaluation process, the Town will also take into consideration the responsiveness and responsibility of the Proposers. The criteria for responsiveness and responsibility are as follows: 

Responsiveness: The Town will determine whether the Proposal complies with the instructions contained herein, including completeness, submission of all required forms, adherence to response format instructions, compliance with minimum qualifications, etc. 

Responsibility: The Town will determine whether the Proposer is one with whom it can or should do business. Factors that the Town may evaluate to determine “responsibility” include, but are not limited to: past performance on projects for the Town of Indian Shores and outside agencies, references (including those found outside the Proposal), compliance with laws (including tax laws), Proposer’s record of performance and integrity (including delinquency, unfaithfulness, legal qualification to enter into a contract, financial stability, perceived ability to completely perform as specified, etc.), financial resources, facilities, equipment, and personnel (including that of subcontractors). The Town will determine whether any failure to supply information, or the quality of the information provided, will result in rejection.

Selection Committee

The highest- ranking Proposer, with whom the Town will enter into negotiations, will be determined by their responses to the evaluation criteria as outlined herein, and as determined by the Town’s Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will be made up of at least three members, consisting of the Town Mayor, Town Administrator and Town Engineer.


The Town of Indian Shores reserves the right to conduct personal interviews or require presentations on all Respondents prior to selection. The City will not be liable for any costs incurred by the Respondents in connection with such interviews/presentations (i.e. travel, accommodations, etc.)

Request for Modifications

The Town of Indian Shores reserves the right to request that some or all of the Respondents modify their Proposals to more fully meet the needs of the Town.

Reservation to the Right to Reject

The Town of Indian Shores reserves the right to reject any and all replies pursuant to this Invitation to Negotiate, if it determines such action is in the best interest of the Town. The Town reserves the right to waive minor irregularities in submitted replies.

Proposal Evaluations and Ranking

The Selection Committee will evaluate and rank the Proposals based on the following criteria.  Proposers are encouraged to identify and include critical proposal elements and to keep their proposals concise:

      Evaluation Criteria:                                                                          Maximum Points

  1.  Project Team Experience with Similar Projects                            50 Points
  2.  References  (Maximum of 3 References)                                    15 Points
  3.  Firm and Project Team Qualifications and Ability                         10 Points
  4. Understanding Workload and Team Availability                            10 Points
  5. Sealed GMP Proposal                                                                   15 Points
  6. Financial Statement (Submitted in sealed envelope)                    Pass/Fail      

      Total Points Available                                                                      100 Points  

  1. Evaluation Criteria No. 1:  Project Team Qualifications and Experience (50 Total Points Available) – This criterion measures the Project Team organization, and the level of experience of the Proposer and subconsultant/subcontractor personnel for similar projects.  Measurement of this criteria indicates the Town’s confidence in the Proposer’s ability to deliver the project in conformance to requirements associated with the project disciplines. This section shows how well the team collaborates, communicates, is organized and is resourced to meet all of the professional and specialty requirements to properly provide necessary services. It shows the overall level of the team’s qualifications to successfully complete the project based on the goals established by the Town

  2. Evaluation Criteria No. 2: References (Maximum of 3 References) (15 Total Points Available)

  3. Evaluation Criteria No. 3:  Firm and Project Team Qualifications and Ability (10 Total Points Available) - This criterion measures the Project Team Approach, Preliminary Drawings, and understanding of the various elements and constraints of the project. Measurement of this criteria reflects the Town’s confidence that the team can deliver sound approaches to meeting project goals and resolving the critical issues. It shows how well the team considers and presents innovative approaches to project implementation.

  4. Evaluation Criteria No. 4:  Understanding Workload and Team Availability (10 Total Points Available) – This criteria is based primarily on the submitted Project schedule and measures how well the Project Team has captured and addressed the schedule needs of the project and provided innovative phasing, concurrent activities, and/or construction methods in order to meet the project goals. Measurement will reflect how well the schedule minimizes duration, how well the schedule anticipates and reflects potential issues and milestones, and how well the schedule matches the proposed approach and proposed resources.

  5. Evaluation Criteria No. 5: Sealed GMP Proposal (15 Total Points Available) – The Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) Proposal, provided in Proposal Form will be scored as follows:

    Lowest GMP Proposal ÷ Proposers GMP Proposal × 15 Points = Total Points for GMP

 6.  Evaluation Criteria No. 6 : Financial Statement (Submitted in sealed envelope.) (Pass/Fail)

The Selection Committee will meet to initially review and rank the Proposals. The Committee will utilize the Evaluation Criteria described above to obtain this initial ranking and generate a shortlist of firms.  The Selection Committee will then report its recommendations to the Town Council for approval.  Upon Town Council approval, the Town will enter into an agreement with the Proposal best meeting the needs of the Town.  


Addendum 1 (July 10, 2021):

1.  QUESTION:  Please confirm estimated award, notice to proceed and project completion dates?

ICE (Infrastructure Consulting & Engineering) RESPONSE:

  1. Estimated award date:  July 20, 2021
  2. Notice to proceed:  July 23, 2021
  3. Project completion estimate:  1st quarter of year 2022

2.  QUESTION:  Regarding the City need to spend "Penny For Pinellas" monies prior to Sept. 20, 2021,  can you clarify what is expected from the Contractor by this date?

ICE  RESPONSE:  Approximately 30% to 40% completion of the project.

3.  QUESTION:  Regarding plan sheet L-05,  Site Furnishings Schedule,  the Monument, base, and overhead arch is listed by others.  Please confirm these will be furnished/installed under separate contract by others. Please confirm when these furnishings will be installed?

NLA (Nichols Landscape Architecture, Inc.) RESPONSE: These items will be installed under these contract plans at the time of construction, the note infers only that details are shown on other plan sheets within the bid set.

4.  QUESTION:  Regarding plan sheet L-09,  please confirm any discussions with design consultant regarding point of connection for proposed lighting circuits.

ENGINEERING MATRIX, INC. RESPONSE:  Electrical Drawings Sheet E-0 and E-1 Designed By Engineering Matrix, Inc. Point of contact for questions during the Bidding Phase shall be in writing addressed to Thomas K. Nagle 727-573-4656.

NLA RESPONSE:  This connection should be shown on the electrical plans.  

5.  QUESTION:  Please confirm project warrantee requirements.

NLA RESPONSE:  The warranty for the (labor and materials) hardscape work, irrigation system and landscape shall be one year.  The lighting installation work shall be as noted by the Electrical Engineer’s plan and the lighting products shall be per manufacturer warranty.

6.  QUESTION:  Please confirm jurisdiction within project limits?

NLA RESPONSE: This project is in the Town of Indian Shores jurisdiction.

7.  QUESTION:  Please confirm responsibility for obtaining an FDOT and/or Pinellas County ROW Utilization permit.

NLA RESPONSE:  An Agreement is existing, to our knowledge,  with FDOT and  Pinellas.  And further it is our understanding that no site review permits are required, only a building permit for structures and electrical.

8.  QUESTION:  Are any contractor staging areas available , if needed, outside the project limits? Is project ingress/egress available through the County parking lot? 


9.  QUESTION:  What agency has jurisdiction regarding Building Permits required for project? Have preliminary project plans been discussed/submitted to the agency having jurisdiction or is this the Contractor's  responsibility?

NLA RESPONSE:  It is our understanding that this will be handled by the awarded Contractor.

10.  QUESTION:  Can the City provide the Engineer's Estimate of Probable Cost?

RESPONSE:  $660,728.

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