Where is the nearest public beach and parking?

Indian Shores has beach access and parking at the following locations (Listed north - south):

200th Ave. W - Pedestrian Access Only

199th Ave. - Public Parking

198th Ave. W - Pedestrian Access Only

198th Ave. E: - Public Parking

197th Ave W - Public Parking

Bob McEwen Veterans Memorial Park - Metered Parking

196th Ave. W - Pedestrian Access Only/Mobility Mat Equipped

Tiki Gardens - Metered Parking with Restrooms

195th Ave. - Pedestrian Access Only

193rd Ave. W - Public Access Only (Parking across street)

193rd Ave. E - Municipal Building/Metered Parking

2nd St. - Public Parking with Town Garden Reserved

191st Ave. - Town Square Nature Park Refuge & Boardwalk (Metered Parking with Restrooms) 

190th Ave W - Handicapped Parking including a 15m loading spot

186th Ave W - Beach Access Only

186th Ave E - Public Parking


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