Police Accreditation

The Indian Shores PoliceCommission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation, Inc. Logo Department remains committed to demonstrating the highest levels of law enforcement standards. 

In August 2021, the Indian Shores Police Department began its initial accreditation process with the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA) seek fully accredited police department status. 

The accreditation process ensures that a police organization is in compliance with the most contemporary management and operational practices. In order to attain this recognition, the organization must comply with over 200 accreditation standards on topics such as Community Relations, Safety, Use of Force, Arrest Procedures, Professional Ethics, and Police Management Practices. An assessment is conducted by CFA at 3-year intervals to ensure that member agencies remain in compliance with these rigid professional standards. 

The Indian Shores Police Department is proud to be part of the CFA accreditation certification process, which solidifies the organizational commitment to the mission of providing professional law enforcement services to our community.  The Indian Shores Police Department is honored to be a member of the Florida Police Accreditation Coalition.  

For more information, visit the Florida Accreditation Office or Florida Police Accreditation Coalition webpages.