Uniformed Patrol Division


19305 Gulf Blvd
2nd Floor
Indian Shores, FL 33785

19305 Gulf Blvd
2nd Floor
Indian Shores, FL 33785

(727) 595-5414


(727) 595-4174

These are the Patrol Officers of the Indian Shores Police Department.  Many of them are tasked to other ancillary assignments, in addition to their patrol duties.
Name Title Email Phone
Andrews, Kevyn Police Officer 727-595-5414
Bittrich, Carol Detective 727-474-7736
Ehrhart, Matt Corporal 727-474-7742
Hicks, Jason Police Officer 727-474-7756
Guillory, Justin Police Officer 727-474-7745
Hadley, Ronnie Police Officer 727-474-7751
Hansen, Michael Police Officer 727-474-7745
Hindman, Natasha Police Officer 727-474-7757
Kennedy, Timothy Sergeant 727-474-7743
Martin, Scott Sergeant 727-474-7759
Romine, Charles "Dave" Police Officer   (727) 595-5414
Tindall, Christopher "Shane" Police Officer 727-474-7753