Mayor's Message

Mayor Patrick C. Soranno

Dear Indian Shores Residents and Visitors,

Gulf Boulevard Drainage Project

The Gulf Boulevard Drainage Project Inspector reports that the piping of the west side of Gulf Boulevard should be completed by the end of October 2020. Construction will most likely begin on the east side of Gulf Boulevard after the holidays along with utility work that needs to be done in this area during that time as well.  Paving will hopefully be completed during the break, but that is determined on when a paving crew is available to be scheduled. 

The Florida Department of Transportation is still projecting that the Gulf Boulevard Drainage project's estimated completion is at the end of May 2021. However, any issues that come up could extend that date.

Find updates and pictures of the drainage project completion on the Florida Department of Transportation's Drainage Project webpage.

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Stay cool and please be diligent about wearing masks and social distancing per the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines.

Stay safe everyone.

                                                                                  Mayor Patrick C. Soranno

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Did You Know?key-2114047__340

Mask Mythbusters: 

  • Cloth masks can be used safely more than once if you wash them each day. Proper laundering of cloth masks removes any viruses, bacteria or respiratory secretions that may build up on the mask. You should wash your cloth mask with soap and water after you are done using it for the day. It should be completely dry before you use it again. Clean, dry masks will not develop mold or make you sick. Reference found on the World Health Organization webpage.
  • For many years, health care providers have worn masks for extended periods of time with no adverse health reactions. The CDC recommends wearing cloth masks while in public, and this option is very breathable. There is no risk of hypoxia, which is lower oxygen levels, in healthy adults. Carbon dioxide will freely diffuse through your mask as you breathe. Watch this quick YouTube video from the World Health Organization on masks.
  • Covering your face and keeping social distance are shown by a broad review of more than 25,000 cases to decrease the spread of COVID-19. Neither are 100% effective on their own, but together they have a greater chance of slowing the spread. This is why most medical experts recommend we do both - reference The Lancet Journal webpage.

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Indian Shores LibraryAlice Lawrence, Library President
Alice Lawrence, President

Curbside Service Update

The library inventory and a list of new books can be found on the Indian Shores Library webpage. Library members can reserve books from the Indian Shores inventory by emailing the Library at or by voicemail (727) 474-7767. Please leave your name and the title and author of the books you would like

Library volunteers will contact you if they can honor your requests and will inform you when to pick up the books. Books will be bagged, labeled with your name, and placed on a table outside the municipal center. Pickups are scheduled every Monday and Thursday except for holidays. Curbside hours are Monday from 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. and Thursday 10:00 - 11:00 a.m.  Requested books will be available for two pick-up days.

Please be considerate; wear a mask and maintain social distancing if someone is at the table ahead of you. Be ready to show your membership card to the volunteers on duty in the lobby.

You will also be able to join the library or renew your membership at that time. If needed, membership forms will be at the pickup tables. Membership is $5 a year. We will not be able to make change.

There will be books set out for sale with a donation jar. Gloves will be available.

If you are returning books, please place in the drop box only. The drop box is located on the south side of the main entrance. Returned books will be placed in quarantine for one week and their covers sanitized before they can be checked out again.

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Beach Renourishment
Indian Shores and Pinellas County Coastal Management   Sept 10 2020 Indian Shores Beach Easements Status

We still have 79 easements out of the 159 needed to get this project finalized. There are a couple easements reportedly sent to Pinellas County that have not yet been recorded. We really need to make a concerted effort to get all of the easements needed in!

The long-term management of the county’s coastline involves shore protection programs, monitoring and extensive partnering with state and federal agencies. Our beach depends on it!

Again, to those of you who received Beach Easements to sign, please help us out and sign them and submit them. By doing so, you are helping to maintain our critically important beaches. You may be contacted by one of our resident Beach Champion volunteers who will answer any questions you may have about the easement and what it means.

You can monitor in real-time different aspects by beach community at the Pinellas County Beach Performance Webpage.                            

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Taste of the BeachesTampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce Logo
Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce  

Experience Taste of the Beaches in a new and safe way! 

Locals and visitors will try local tastes from a variety of restaurants, those of whom could use the support of our community! Immerse yourself in local flavors and specialty dishes while visiting different communities and new restaurants. 

This new “taste tour” or restaurant week style event will be held the first weekend of October. You can visit any of the participating restaurants from Friday, October 2nd, Saturday through Sunday, October 4th. Each restaurant will show off their featured item ahead of time for you to check out the line up, there will even be to go options. You can then plan your weekend, to safely sit down with your friends or family to enjoy each signature “taste”.

More information can be found on the Tampa Bay Beaches Chamber of Commerce webpage.

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Pinellas CountyPinellas County Logo
Pinellas County Emergency Management 

COVID-19 Information

To find Pinellas County COVID testing sites and more information can be found on the Pinellas County Covid 19 testing webpage.

Residents and visitors with questions about Pinellas County’s emergency face covering ordinance can call the County Information Center (CIC) at (727) 464-4333, Monday through Saturday, from 9 a.m. until noon. 

Staff are available to answer questions about the new ordinance and other COVID-19-related issues. Those with a hearing impairment can chat online.

More Informational links below:

Pinellas Emergency Ordinance 20-14 (PDF)
Pinellas County’s COVID-19 Response & Recommendations
Pinellas COVID-19 Data Dashboard

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We Wear Face Coverings