Mayor's Message

Dear Residents and Visitors,Mayor Patrick Soranno

What a beautiful tree lighting event we had on Monday evening. The Municipal Center is lit up for the holidays. Pictures of the event are shown under ISPOA below, and more will be posted on next week's Mayor's message.

A big thank you to the Indian Shores Public Services staff for their holiday lighting and continual setups/breakdowns during this busy time at Town Hall. 

Also much appreciation to the Indian Shores Police Department and the Pinellas Suncoast Fire & Rescue District for getting Santa here safely.

Let's not forget to thank Santa and his Elf (Ed and Sue Poldino), assistant elves Don and Denise Vaughn, and of course Art Newsome and all the ISPOA volunteers for their support in this wonderful annual event. 

* * * * *

The Florida Holiday Halfathon is scheduled for this Sunday, December 8, beginning at 7:00 a.m. in Madeira Beach and making its way North on Gulf Boulevard and then over the Park Boulevard bridge into Largo. Gulf Boulevard traffic will be affected early Sunday morning but should be clear by 11:00 a.m.

* * * * *

This year the winner of the Holiday Boat Parade will receive $5,000 worth of cash and prizes! Captains interested in entering the boat decoration competition - click here. See Councilor Petruccelli's invite below for details on the Indian Shores viewing party.

Find other important messages below.

                                                                               Mayor Patrick C. Soranno

* * * * *

Indian Shores Recreation
Councilor Mike Petruccelli  

Councilor Mike Petruccelli

Indian Shores residents please join me for the Holiday Boat Parade Viewing Party on Sunday, December 22, at 7:00 p.m. The event will be held in the Pavilion in back of Town Hall. Flyer below has details. 

Boat Parade Registration Information - click here.

Indian Shores Boat Parade Viewing Party

Chief's BeatChief Richard "Rick" Swann
Chief Richard "Rick" Swann  

Our Police Department's fundraiser for "No Shave November" was quite the success. The competition was close but MPO Tindall was voted to have the best of the beards. He Winner MPO Tindalland Officer Andrews enjoyed a hot shave on the Captain and me as a reward.

My thanks to all of you for your participation in this event. Thanks to your generosity, we raised $1,500.00 for our chosen charities and there is an overwhelming amount of gifts for our two Santa’s Angels.

Special Thanks to both Mayor Soranno and Mayor Henderson for coming out on a Saturday to show their support.

                                    * * * * *

The CPR and Narcan training the Police Department completed a couple of months ago paid off this week! Cpl. Matt Erhart did CPR and his team used NARCAN on a Redington resident who had overdosed on heroin and stopped breathing.

* * * * *

Holiday Safety


  • Keep all car doors locked and windows closed while in and out of car.
  • Remember to set your alarm.
  • If you must shop at night, park in a well lit area.
  • Avoid parking next to vans, trucks with camper shells or cars with tinted windows.
  • Park as close as you can to your destination and take notice of where you parked.
  • Never leave your car unoccupied with the motor running or with children inside. NOT EVEN FOR A SECOND!
  • Do not leave packages or valuables on the seat of your car. (Lock it in the trunk or put it out of sight.)
  • Locate your keys prior to going to your car.
  • Keep a secure hold on your purse, handbag and parcels. (Try not to put them down or on top of the car in order to open the door.)
  • When approaching and leaving your vehicle be aware of your surroundings.
  • Do not approach your car alone if there are suspicious people in the area. (Ask mall or store security for an escort before leaving your shopping location.)
  • Check the interior of your car before "hopping in."
  • Biggest threat of holiday season is motor vehicle crashes. (Impairment, texting, speeding and being distracted in other ways greatly increase the likelihood of a motor vehicle crash.)
  • Stay alert, be aware of other moving vehicles.


  • If you use an ATM, choose one that is located inside a mall or well lit location. (Be aware of bushes and blind spots. Withdraw only the amount of cash you need.)
  • Protect your pin number by shielding the ATM keypad from anyone who is standing near you.
  • Do not throw your ATM receipt away at the ATM location.

* * * * *

Indian Shores Property Owners Association (ISPOA)
Art Newsome, President  Art Newsome President

Thank you to those of you that helped with the Indian Shores Tree lighting on Monday. Below are pictures of some of the festivities.

Indian Shores Lighting Treats

* * * * *

Remember to join us for Game Time every Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 p.m. in the 4th floor Community Room at Town Hall. We are very excited about this new weekly activity which will include pinochle, scrabble, cribbage, dominoes, etc. Details below.

Game Time Flyer

                                                                              * * * * *

Indian Shores Women's Club (ISWC)Georgia Tawil, ISWC President
Georgia Tawil
, President  

The Women's Club had a great time decorating the Municpal Center Christmas Tree. The cookie swap was a special festive treat.

2019 Christmas Tree Decorating 1

Women’s Club Christmas Party

Women's Club Holiday Party shown above with all the gifts they collected for the Salvation Army's Angel Program for children.

The Women's Club is a nonprofit organization devoted to helping those in need, and in addition, we manage to have a very good time! Click to see this year's Women's Club schedule of events.

* * * * *

Indian Shores Library
Alice Lawrence, President  Alice Lawrence, Library President

Normal Library Hours of Operation

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

The Indian Shores Library is an all-volunteer organization. Please find more information on the Library webpage.

* * * * *

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