Building Department FAQs

 . What is needed for a permit?Image result for questions

  •  Completed permit applications need to be signed by the license holder or authorized agent. (Letter of approval needed)
  •  Copy of signed contract between the property owner and the contractor showing the valuation of work to be performed. 
  •  If valuation of work to be performed exceeds $2,500 ($7,500 for mechanical) a Notice of Commencement must be recorded with Pinellas County and a copy must be submitted with the permit application or before the 1st inspection. 
  • Three copies of drawings and/or plans (signed and sealed, if required) pertinent to the work being performed.

2. Do my subcontractors need permits?

  •  Indian Shores does NOT use subcontractor cards; therefore, the permit application for your trade will need to be completed and submitted prior to scheduling for any subcontractor inspection.

3. When are inspections?

  • All inspections are scheduled Monday through Friday between 8:30 AM and 3:00 PM.

4. When do inspection requests close out and who do I call?

  • The cut off time for a next day inspection is 3:00 PM.  To schedule an inspection call (727) 474-7786 or click on the Building Permit Inspection link on the main page of the Building Department.

5. How long is my permit good for?

  • By the Florida Building Code regulations, a permit is ONLY good for 180 days after its issuance.

6. What do I need to have to schedule my inspection?

  • Leave the permit number, type of inspection required, and requested date.

7. I failed my inspection, what do I do? 

  • Failed inspections will be charged a $30.00 re-inspection fee and must be paid before another inspection can be scheduled.

 When is a permit required?

No person shall do or cause to be done any work within the town, to erect, construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, remove, improve, convert or demolish any permanent or temporary building, construction, or part thereof or perform any other development of property. Including, but not limited to grading, filling, excavating, dredging or paving, without first having applied for and obtained all necessary permits from the town and all appropriate federal, state and district or county agencies.

Separate applications for permits required.

(a)      Separate applications for permits to be issued by the town will be required for the following types of work; the type of permit required is indicated by parentheses

(1)     Asbestos abatement (building)

(2)     Construction (building)

(3)     Construction trailer (building)

(4)     Demolition (building)

(5)     Dock, pier, piling, boatlift, wharf (building), (electrical), (plumbing)

(6)     Electrical, including television, elevator, fire alarm systems, security alarm systems and smoke detector (excluding those that are battery operated) installations (electrical)

(7)     Fence (building)

(8)     Fire sprinkler systems (mechanical)

(9)     Grading, filling, and excavating (building)

(10)   Irrigation systems (Irrigation)

(11)   Landscaping (building)

(12)   Mechanical, including heating and air conditioning (mechanical)

(13)   Movement of structures (building)

(14)   Paving and repaving (building)

(15)   Plumbing (plumbing)

(16)   Roofing (building)

(17)   Seawall (building)

(18)   Signs (building), (electrical), depending on type of sign

(19)   Swimming pools (building), (electrical), (plumbing)

(20)   Including any other items listed in the Florida Building Code

(b)      In addition to the types of work listed in subsection (a) of this section, separate applications for permits will be required for the following types of work when such work is not included under general construction permit already listed

(1)     Paving (building)

(2)     Grading, filling, excavation (building)

(3)     Landscaping, with a valuation of more than $750.00 (building)

(4)     Painting, exempt where less than 25 feet above ground elevation (building)

(c)      Ordinary minor repairs to structures may be made without having first obtained a permit, when a reasonable estimated cost of all labor and materials for such work would not exceed $750.00 in any one-year period. Provided such repairs shall not include the cutting away of any wall, partition or portion thereof; the removal or cutting of any structural beam or supporting member, the removal or change of any required means of egress, rearrangement of parts of a structure affecting the exit way requirements. Provided such alterations would not increase the habitable floor area or change the use of any portion of the structure. Ordinary repairs also shall not include addition to, alteration of, replacement or relocation of any standpipe; water supply; sewer; drainage, drain leader, gas, soil, water, vent or similar piping; electric wiring; or mechanical or other work affecting public health or general safety. No permits shall be required for interior painting work or for painting the exterior of buildings or structures less than 25 feet in height above ground elevation at the base of such building or structure.

For the Permits Required ordinances click here