Building Department FAQs

1. What is needed for a permit?Image result for questions

  •  Completed permit applications need to be signed by the license holder or authorized agent. (Letter of approval needed)
  •  Copy of signed contract between the property owner and the contractor showing the valuation of work to be performed. 
  •  If valuation of work to be performed exceeds $2,500 ($7,500 for mechanical) a Notice of Commencement must be recorded with Pinellas County and a copy must be submitted with the permit application or before the 1st inspection. 
  • Three copies of drawings and/or plans (signed and sealed, if required) pertinent to the work being performed.

2. Do my subcontractors need permits?

  •  Indian Shores does NOT use subcontractor cards; therefore, the permit application for your trade will need to be completed and submitted prior to scheduling for any subcontractor inspection.

3. When are inspections?

  • All inspections are scheduled Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10:00 AM AND 3:00 PM.

4. When do inspection requests close out and who do I call?

  • The cut off time to be put on the next day Inspection Schedule is 3:00 PM.  You can call (727) 474-7786 or by clicking on the Building Permit Inspection link on the front page of the Building Department.

5. How long is my permit good for?

  • By the International Building Code regulations, a permit is ONLY good for 180 days after its issuance.

6. What do I need to have to book my inspection?

  • Leave the permit number, type of inspection required, and requested date.

7. I failed my inspection, what do I do? 

  • Failed inspections will be charged a $25 re-inspection fee and must be paid before another inspection can be scheduled.