Indian Shores Branding Initiative

Gateway Sign at Night2
Indian Shores New Logo

The Arts Council has been very busy rolling out the Town's re-branding efforts.

You have probably spotted the new streetlight banners and the bus stop decals all proudly announcing you're in Indian Shores. They all feature an iconic Native American figure as seen above.  

Our Police Department has a new more representative patch and our Public Services vehicles and uniforms are also sporting the Town's new logo.

Next time you are at the Town Hall take a look in the 4th floor Community Room for the new wall art hanging above the Dais showcasing our logo (as shown below). Also, as you walk into our building, you will notice the new carpet at the entryway which also proudly announces you are in Indian Shores.

You can also share in this civic pride. There are several items available for purchase with the town logo. They make good holiday gifts. See this link.
Bus Shelter
Dais Wall Art
Foundations and sign structures are being erected now for the Art Council's biggest project which is to install six new signs designed specifically for the Town. Their locations as follows:

  1. Nature Park Sign
  2. South Welcome Sign
  3. Municipal Center Sign
  4. Municipal Center Electric Marquee
  5. Park Blvd. Gateway Sign
  6. North Welcome Sign
All construction is now scheduled to be completed by the end of March 2017.

February 3 - Check out the following link showing one of the molds for the Indian sculptures.

Click on the link below which takes you to a Utube video showing how the sculptor is creating the iconic Indian sculptures for the new Town signs. 

See Video -

Additionally, we are very excited to report that we have received a proposed license agreement from Pinellas County (Tiki Gardens) as a location to install an interactive art monument. The artist for the concept plan, Steve Graff, has provided us with a couple of additional renderings, and we are continuing to move forward with this project. More information to come on this.

You can see a proposed rendition of the monument below.

These signs are being paid for with funds from the Penny for Pinellas.