Beach Renourishment

Sand Castles III Beach Picture

Beach Renourishment - Sand Key (Indian Shores) Project

Prior to the ongoing renourishment program, little to no beach existed along much of the shoreline. Beaches are very dynamic and constantly changing and moving by various physical processes. Along undeveloped shorelines, movement is often not detrimental and may go unnoticed.

Conversely, the changes in beaches along developed and eroding shorelines are often very evident and detrimental to beachfront properties. The Pinellas shoreline before nourishment and after years of nourishments can be found on the Nourishment Comparison before (1990) and after (1990) story map

Beach renourishment helps the environment by creating habitats for sea turtles, shore birds, sand crabs and other beach wildlife. Wide beaches provide foraging and nesting habitat for shorebirds. Sea Turtles use the beaches to lay eggs and are protected under state and local ordinances.

The amount of sand placed during the 2018 nourishment project was enough to fill the Empire State Building.

In some areas, nourishment adds 100 feet of beach width.

Before and After Pictures 

Sand Key Progress Map